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The Hardest Word

"Transgressions between man and God are absolved on the Day of Atonement; those between man and his friend are not absolved on the Day of Atonement until he placates his friend." (Mishnah, Yoma, 8:7)

As Elton John sang, sorry seems to be the hardest word.

It's hard enough to admit one's mistakes and weaknesses to oneself. It's even harder to admit them to someone you've hurt – to see in their eyes the pain you've caused and to ask for their forgiveness.

When I listened to the second act of this podcast last week, it made me think of all the fear, embarrassment, and face-saving distance that separate us from those we've hurt, or who have hurt us. It made me think also of how much joy, comfort and laughter we could bring to ourselves and those we love if we would only reach out and connect.

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