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Time's blessings

The seasonal "Blessing of Time" to “who gave us life, sustained us and enabled us to arrive at this moment” means a little more each year. Like a maturing wine, the words taste deeper, more complex, and more subtle as time passes.

The past year has been a hard one for me and those closest to me because of decisions I made. These decisions caused pain, confusion and anger.

They say time heals. Perhaps what heals isn't time itself but the perspective it provides as we move further away from the moment of injury. We begin to see what we have and not just what we lack.

This year has also been one in which the care and generosity of others gave me life, sustained me, and enabled me to arrive at this moment.

May time bless us in the year ahead. May it be a year in which we appreciate what we have and share it generously with others.

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