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Students are ‘learning’ about Israel-Hamas from TikTok. We must step up  - Times Higher Education, December 2023


People dig deeper to fact-check social media posts when paired with someone who doesn’t share their perspective – new research  - The Conversation, November 2023

Over-networked and under-connected: Jewish education in an age of limited connectivity  - HaYidion, October 2023


Why bother with evidence? - Psychology Today, August 2023


Why don’t nonprofit boards base decisions on evidence? - Psychology Today, July 2023


Why don't more leaders bow out gracefully? - Psychology Today, January 2023


3 ways Gareth Southgate's leadership inspires confidence - Psychology Today, December 2022

Has Facebook improved or damaged the quality of our friendships?The Independent, October 2021

Why were John and Paul more innovative together than apart? - Psychology Today, October 2021

How not to ask for time off on the holidays - Jerusalem Post, September 2021

Irreconcilable Similarities: Why Jews in Israel and the US are drifting apart – Religion & Politics, July 2021


You'll never walk alone: Can football ever replace religion?The Independent, July 2021

Jewish-Arab asymmetries lift Netanyahu -  US News & World Report, July 2021

Analog faith in a digital ageReligion & Politics, March 2021


I went down the ‘rabbit hole’ to debunk misinformation – here’s what I learned about Big Ben and online information overloadThe Conversation, March 2021

Cognitive dissonance affects us all, not just QAnon adherents - Psychology Today, February 2021


Grounded The Culture-ist, January 2021


Comedy is an important tool in the fight against stereotypes – let’s not cancel it just yetThe Independent, July 2020 

Are women better leaders?- Psychology Today, May 2020

Three things effective leaders do in a crisisPsychology Today, May 2020

Lonelier after lockdown? Psychology Today, April 2020

Zoom Seders are far from ideal, says this psychologist. But here’s how to make the best of it Forward, April 2020

Social distancing? We've been doing it for years Psychology Today, March 2020

Leaning TowersJerusalem Post, December 2019


May contain nutsMedium, September 2019

רתימת המוחות  – ידיעות אחרונות, אוקטובר 2013

The day after – Ha'aretz, December 2007

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